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Here's another wrinkle. The tempo marker at measure 5 has 'Allow a partial measure before this measure' checked. If you uncheck that then delete the time selection and create a new one, the remove action works as expected. It'll also work if you uncheck the box then drag the end of the time selection back to before measure 5 and then resnap it to measure 9.

I think all of these shenanigans are basically accomplishing the same thing, forcing Reaper to recalculate where things are in relation to the timeline.
Originally Posted by TheWhistler View Post
How did you get to that idea?
Breeder's comments about rounding errors and my own observations about peculiar timeline behavior. It occurred to me that moving things around would cause things to be recalculated. I'm still not entirely sure if this really gets to the gist of the issue or if it's just a happy accident though.

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