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Originally Posted by zeekat View Post
Your stuff is so clever sounding, for lack of better words. Coherent sounding, but there's so many little things changing all the time. Top quality as always.
Thanks, great that you think this way! The coherence hasn't come easy on this one - I've switched out parts for about half a year to get it together.
I always think in the beginning that the next one is going to be more simple, but it never works out.

Originally Posted by Not_Here View Post
I love the mixture of styles genre all put together in a nice little flow.

almost an Aphix Twin vibe sometimes then into some old 70's prog rock, maybe even a little J.M. Jarre thrown in..

this is sweet... makes me want to jump into my TARDIS and make a little road trip.


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Thanks! Aphex has been indeed my long time favourite and the prog rock phase lasted more intensively for about a decade. So I guess you do what you listen to.
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