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Originally Posted by thunderbroom View Post there a way to save this track layout (with the Stereo Pan engaged) as a permanent track layout?
It doesn't appear possible to set the preferred mode in the theme's config file.
Even if it was possible, instead of messing with the code in the theme config file, I would recommend setting up Track Templates.
This is something you will likely find more useful, since you can use templates to also load plugins, volume, pan and button states for the track.

- open a new project.
- add track layout desired and make sure it is selected.
- change pan to desired mode.
- click on Track in the menu bar at the top of Reaper window.
- select Save Tracks as track Template
- name it something like:
Pan and Width - Default
Pan and Width - Tracking

If you change other settings on the layout, then name the template to reflect those changes to identify it easily.
additionally, you can set up several tracks differently and then save them as a set in a single track template.

you can now add tracks with pan and width mode already set
- click on 'Track' in the menu bar at the top of Reaper window
- select Insert track from Template
- select the template you want.

If you use a similar set of tracks for each project, it would be best to set up a project template.
This allows you to load a new project and have most or all of the tracks ready to go quickly.


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