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Originally Posted by lucas_LCS View Post
you're welcome.
I had a peek at the code and it doesn't appear possible to set the preferred mode in the theme's config file.
I edited my post above to reflect this.

It looks like Templates are the only way to do it.
Again, once you set up some track templates, I suggest creating project template as well.
A project template can be set up to load track sets for Global FX, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals.
all tracks can have EQ, compression and any other plugins or VST instrument that may be needed.
Each track set can have a Sub-mix channel for that set with routing already configured for that sub-mix.

Thanks. Yeas, templates seem the most straight forward way to go. Prior to this, I've rarely used templates. This might be a truly novice question, but if I want to open an older project into this new template, can that be done? Or would I need to somehow rebuild the project from scratch within the new template. There's got to be a way to either import or simply open into a custom template, right?
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