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Originally Posted by thunderbroom View Post
Thanks. Yeas, templates seem the most straight forward way to go. Prior to this, I've rarely used templates. This might be a truly novice question, but if I want to open an older project into this new template, can that be done? Or would I need to somehow rebuild the project from scratch within the new template. There's got to be a way to either import or simply open into a custom template, right?
I really don't know. There may be script or something to do this, but manual transfer is likely the best or only way.
Two methods I would use are:
1) open the old project, then open a new project tab and load the project template.
Copy what is needed to the new Project and save as a new version in the old project folder or to a new folder making sure to copy the files needed to the new folder as well.

2) open the project and immediately save as a new version.
open each track template as needed and copy settings, items, FX, etc to the track template.
delete the old track.
repeat for the next track.

this will take some time, but is really only needed if you are still working on the project and need the benefit of the new templates.
Hopefully, since it's a new project there won't be as much to copy.


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