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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Hi Thuneau,

I migrated the code from the previous shift latch support version but based on the symptoms above I'd think more might be going on here. Do you get the same behavior above in both 32 and 64 bit? Secondly, how many versions of any of the faderport dlls to you have in the plugins folder? Just to confirm the correct one is actually being loaded instead of the original. (that happened to me a few times while testing).

I'll have to check on the firmware. You can run dbgview.exe, then start reaper after dbgview is running, hit a few faderport buttons. Save and post the output. If I can find away to test on 64bit this weekend I'll confirm on it as well.
Success! I removed the Faderport driver that comes with Reaper and redid the assignment and it started to work as expected. I can open and close Mixer window, drop markers etc from Faderport. This is in 32 bit version. I have not played with 64 bit version yet, but I suspect it will work just the same.
Thanks again, now between my Faderport and the Shuttle Contour Pro I can navigate and work Reaper very efficiently with less mousing.
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