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Default [v6.12c] Reaper makes invalid ASIO call to setSampleRate() before init() (FIXED)

I am the developer of the FlexASIO universal ASIO driver. I recently received a bug report where FlexASIO crashes with Reaper v6.12c/x64.

In the course of the investigation, I noticed that when the "Request sample rate" checkbox is checked, Reaper calls IASIO::setSampleRate() on the ASIO driver object before even calling IASIO::init().

In my view, this is a breach of the ASIO API contract. The official ASIO SDK 2.3 documentation strongly hints that a call to setSampleRate() can only be made after "the driver is initialized" (section II/3), and the official "glue layer" code in the SDK is written in such a way that a call to IASIO::setSampleRate() cannot occur before IASIO::init() (see ASIOSetSampleRate() in common/asio.cpp).

It would be nice if this bug in the Reaper ASIO driver initialization code could be fixed, as it will trigger undefined behaviour in ASIO drivers in general.
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