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Default "Lock track height" doesn't do much locking


"Lock track height" in the TCP context menu.

When phrased like that, you'd expect that it locks the track height, period - meaning that, if you want to resize that track again, you have to uncheck the option, right?

That's how it should work, right? It doesn't.

Instead, if you set the track to a certain size, it only stays that way unless you grab and resize it again, leaving you prone to accidentally resizing it when you meant to resize a different track. That kind of a thing tends to happen to me, at least.


There's another odd thing about it concerning arming the track for recording.

Currently, using the "Lock track height" option stops the track from blowing up when armed for recording. Or fourse, you can still resize it - but you can't resize it back to the minimum height while it's armed for recording.


Shouldn't these things work a little differently? As in:

1) "Lock track height" = You can't resize the track unless you unlock the height again?

2) Have an option that disables the "Minimum track height when recording" thing?
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