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Default Reaper NINJAM Setup

This Youtube video made by NINJAM user RADAR should get you up and running, if you don't want multiple channels just leave all options in IO in the video alone, then all tracks will send to ReaNINJAM's single stereo track.

But here is the orig setup I made some time ago, some items may have different icons etc in REAPER V4.

When I get a chance I'll update this, but please don't follow no complicated send here and there multiple channel / track setup's, there incorrect, REAPER doesn't need all that send to and from for multiple tracks to multiple NINJAM channels, to get multiple channels just watch the vid.
ReaNINJAM only ever needs to be on Master Volumes FX, for multi or single NINJAM channels.

I'll try make a new guide with graphics soon.

Originally Posted by Old Guide
Hiya, in a few places now I've been seeing incorrect guides to setting up REAPERS NINJAM Client, ReaNINJAM, within REAPER.
So to save time helping 1 person at a time undo or redo setups from other guides I decided to made, I hope, a simple guide.
This also covers setting up Reason, Ableton, Cubase and simular programs to send audio direct to REAPER. With some ReWire can be used but some are having problems getting them to connect so this is a work around for them people.
Also if you wish to connect software to REAPER then you will need to have ticked the ReaASIO option when installing REAPER. If you do not see ReaRoute as explained later in this guide then simple install reaper again, there is no need to uninstall any previous REAPER Version. I recommend you download the latest version to make sure your up to date.
And remember, select the ReaRoute ASIO Driver when installing. If you do not see it, look under Additional Functionality and you will see ReaRoute ASIO Driver.


1. Load Reaper.
2. Click Options at the top, then look to the bottom of the list and select Preferences, or press CTRL + P.
3. In the Preferences window select Device just below Audio.
4. Under Audio System select ASIO.
5. Under Asio Driver select your sound cards Asio, if there is not one there goto then download and install asio4all.
Now close and rerun REAPER and follow throught to step 5 again, but you will now see ASIO4ALL v2 or simular, select this or your soundcards asio driver.
6. The next options is Enable Inputs, tick this. Bow under this you will see First and Last, this is the first and last inputs that will be available to you in REAPER. So for example if it says 1. Line, 2. Line, 3. Mic, 4. Mic and so on then the first of each 2 is Left as in 1. Line = Line In Left and 2. Line would be Line In Right.
So if say you just wanted to use your mic input for your guitar you would select First = 3. Mic and Last would be 4. Mic then you have the left and right of your computers microphone. You may think this seems silly to have it like this but some people can use there mic input with a splitter jack and have guitar and mic in on the same input but controlled separately in REAPER.
Now you will see underneath Output Range, this is like input range but for your outputs. Some people use there optical out or have more than 1 output on there sound cards, many come with 5.1 or 7.1 outputs so you may have 2 or 3 outputs and this can be handy if you want to goto an Hiya, Amp or similar as well as going out to the Computer Speakers.
So in first and last once again 1. Wave and 2. Wave will represent Left and Right. You may see at 1 and 2 one output you want then at 5 and 6 the other output, you will have to select 1. as your first and 6. as your last.

Ok now leave the rest at its default unless u feel confident enough to know what needs changing for your sound card.

Thats the Audio setup of REAPER sorted, now lets setup Your input and ReaNINJAM.


1. First of you need to create a Track for your input. If you have already tried to setup NINJAM in REAPER then you may have made tracks and have them routing to other tracks etc. this is not needed for using REAPER just for NINJAM and NINJAM Session Mode. I suggest you delete any tracks you may have created from other guides. Ok now press CTRL + T or right click the empty space and select Insert Track, either way you should get a new track.
2. Next to the number of the track there is a space for naming your track, click this space then enter text for that track, something like Guitar Input.
3. Now hover your mouse over the bottom of the track and it will change to a double vertical arrow cursor, now click and hold and move your mouse down to enlarge the tack so show more hidden options.
4. You should now see a peak meter (volume meter), a speaker icon and REC IN. Click the speaker repeatedly until its just grey with no no-entry sign or A on it (newer REAPER shows solid white).

Setting your Input

5. On the peak meter right click your mouse and move down to Mono Input or Stereo Input and now the inputs you set in the PART 1 will be visible, if not then go back and repeat PART 1. Select either your mono or stereo input, say your MIC if mono or MIC / MIC if stereo, and thats your input selected.
Now you will see just above the peak meter and to the left slightly a grey circle, click this and it turns red.
Now you have Enabled your track and if your guitar or instrument is plugged in you should hear it, you may need to adjust volumes etc.
You can now click FX and add some live effects to your instrument.

5.1. This extra step if for people who want to connect programs like Reason, Ableton, Cubase and similar directly to REAPER.
When in step 5 you select the input you will also see ReaRoute Channel 1, 2, 3 and so on in mono input or ReaRoute Channel 1 / ReaRoute Channel 2 and so on in stereo input. Select Stereo Input then select ReaRoute Channel 1 / ReaRoute Channel 2.
Now goto your music software and to its audio setup, select the ASIO Driver as ReaRoute ASIO then select ReaRoute 1 and 2 for left and right if it gives u the extra option.
If you run 2 or more pieces of software then set one on ReaRoute 1/2 then another on 3/4 and so on, then make a track for each in REAPER and set the stereo input to ReaRoute Channel 1 / ReaRoute Channel 2 then ReaRoute Channel 3 / ReaRoute Channel 4 for the next track and so on.


6. Almost done, at the bottom of REAPER there is a MASTER Volume slider, on this small panel there are also a few others things and one is a FX, click this FX to bring up the Master FX Chain window.
In this window the Add button, this will bring up the Add FX to MASTER window. In this window select Cockos in the left panel, then in the right panel select ReaNINJAM, you may see VST: ReaNINJAM (Cockos), if so select that insted.
Next Click OK, the Add FX to MASTER window will now vanish and you will be back on the Master FX Chain window.
In the left Panel you will see the ReaNINJAM plugin selected, If the square box to the left of the ReaNINJAM is not ticked then click and tick it.
If by now the ReaNINJAM client window has not popped up and showing on the screen then to the right of the Master FX Chain window click Show ReaNINJAM Console, if you do not see this then click the ReaNINJAM once to highlight it then you should see the Show ReaNINJAM Console button.
You can now close the Master FX Chain window by clicking the x at the top right of the Master FX Chain window.

Now goto File up top of REAPER and select Save project...
Give it a name like NINJAM REAPER Setup and thats it, your done.
Just click connect on the ReaNINJAM window and it will show servers and who is in them, or enter another servers address manually.

Have fun and cya soon on REAPER/NINJAM.

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