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Originally Posted by DuX View Post
That's a very well implemented driver for FaderPort under Renoise, Airmann, to say the least. Excellent. You can even control the FX so easily. Wow! I can bet you can write synth/fx parameters automation in Renoise with it. So far we can't do that in Reaper, unfortunately. Just volume/pan automation. So I have to use another [less precise, only 0-128] controller for writing synth/fx automation. That's a shame. I'm always looking at this fader thinking "grrrr, why can't I use this instead??". It's mostly Presonus to blame.
Hey thanks man, yes it's possible to read, write, touch, latch all intern Renoise parameters and also VSTi/e, AU, etc. stuff. That's because all parameters are handled in (almost) the same way inside Renoise.

@Blame Presonus:
My driver is more complex than the original Reaper FaderPort driver from Justin. This means in the case of Presonus: it actually would cost time and money to develop a similar driver for Reaper - preassumed that Reaper provides the necessary parameter control interfaces (not sure about that). And this is probably a Reason why Presonus doesn't provide a specific driver: it's just to expensive to do that for every DAW out there.

Nonetheless, I informed Presonus about my driver, posted in the forum, emailed to several Presonus people etc., but there was never a reply nor any kind of reaction. That is a bit frustrating, especially because I never demanded money and everything is OpenSource.

That all said Faderport is actually a totally dumb midi controller. The fader and pan pot included. The only problem with the fader is: it has a resolution of 1024 discrete values, whereas midi standard is 128 values. So for transmitting the values there are two seperate midi messages necessary. And thus it is difficult to "map/bind" the fader via midi learning etc. to a specific parameter. Instead the mapping mechanism must be explicitly coded.
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