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Hey Karbo,
AMAZING work making Reaper work with the faderport. I've been using reaper for years and i'm looking into getting a faderport for my Windows 7 64 bit system (running 64 bit reaper). I didn't see anybody reporting any known issues with the 64 bit reaper, but please let me know if any exist.

I read every post in this great thread, and thought it would be helpful to me (when I buy the faderport today or tomorrow) and others to have the instructions all compiled in one post. I compiled these instruction from your previous posts in hopes of giving a step by step all in one place for myself and there anything else to be added/changed?

Download: (found on pg. 2 of this thread)
1. Copy reaper_csurf_fpxt.dll and reaper_csurf_fpxt.ini to \Reaper\Plugins
2. In reaper go to Options > Preferences > Control Surfaces
3. Highlight and remove the existing PreSonus FaderPort Control Surface in the list (if you already had Faderport installed previously).
4. Click Add and choose "Presonus FaderPort XT" from the list. If this exact choice isn't in the list, make sure the dll is in the \reaper\plugins directory and Reaper has been restarted!
5. Choose FaderPort for both the MIDI Input and MIDI Output and click OK twice.
6. The XT version of FaderPort is now ready to use.

For issues with faderport firmware (such as 1.3.5 known to have issues):
-> Remove faderport from reaper.
-> Confirm the firmware number: If its not 1.3.8 go to the following link.
See link for version 1.3.8
-> Delete reaper_csurf.dll and keep the XT dll instead.
-> Reboot, add everything back as FaderPortXT

IMPORTANT QUESTION: Also Karbo, is it still the case, as I read in a post somewhere that when installing new versions of reaper the reaper_csurf.dll file is reinstalled into the plugins folder, and needs to be removed or has that been addressed somehow?
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