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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Just to let you know:

I very successfully use Reaper as a VST player (i.e. "Midi to Audio converter") "on stage", by means of several VSTi's (sample player, physical modeling, virtual hardware-synth) and some effects such as EQ and Reverb.

Now I was able to make the stuff that comes with reaper to play a role in something that takes place within an instrument.

I use the free "Dexed" DX7 - VSTi to create the sound of a vibrating metal plate (i.e. Metallophone). To do a vibraphone from this, I used the "3 Band Splitter" JSFX, ran the low band through the "Tremolo" JSFX, and of course mixed the channels using the "3 Band Joiner".

With some EQing this results is an (IMHO) rather realistic Vibraphone sound.

(BTW.: I did not do this yet, but with Dexed in Reaper it's easy to do a 12 or more Operand FM to create more sophisticatedly tweaked FM sounds.)

Reaper rocks !

That's some cool shit! I love how people use Reaper in unique ways. I love this forum. Lot's of really cool stuff!

Originally Posted by Fergler View Post
I HIGHLY recommend this plugin for you:

Totally synthesized mathematic model of vibraphone and it is AMAZING quality. Some of Xoxos stuff is insanely cool but also unfortunately sounds like a simulation - this is one of his exceptional ones that sounds better than the real thing.
Xoxos is a trippy company.

I know what you mean how some of their stuff sounds artificial. You know what I like, (even though it sometimes strikes me as artificial, too)? Their very weird VST's for nature, wind, insects and other noises. Slightly bizarre but, I like them.
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