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Originally Posted by Paul99 View Post
Okay thanks for clearing that up Michael.
I will experiment further until I get the sound from your mp3 because to me that sounds awesome!
I seem to remember that I used "Tremolo" for that recording. Now I mostly use "Phaser" that to me sounds slightly less "realistic" but more "pleasant".

I modified the "tremolo" JSFX to offer a higher resolution for the tremolo speed. You might want to replace the sourcecode with that one:

// This effect Copyright (C) 2004 and later Cockos Incorporated
// License: GPL -

desc: Tremolo
//tags: guitar tremolo gain modulation
//author: Cockos

slider1:4<0,100,1>Frequency (Hz*10)
slider2:-6<-60,0,1>Amount (dB)
slider3:0<0,1>Stereo Seperation

  amount=2 ^ (slider2/6);
  sc=0.5*amount; amount=1-amount;


spl0=spl0*((cos(pos) + 1) * sc + amount);
spl1=spl1*((cos(pos+sep) + 1) * sc + amount);
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