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Originally Posted by dea-man View Post
I love how people use Reaper in unique ways.
In fact I mainly use Reaper for live playing with my Masterkeyboard (Piano, E-Piano, Organ, E-Organ, Vibes, ...) and my TEC BBC (Sample Modeling Swam Flutes).

I found Reaper a lot more versatile and reliable (and cheaper - in fact Zero $$ if using Reper for it's original purpose anyway) for this than the dedicated software I tried, (OK: I did not yet buy/test the new masterkeyboard-software combinations by Native Instruments and Alesis that seem to be just great, and usable for this purpose without needing a lot of configuration). For this, I use SWS "LiveConfigs and I did some small special purpose JSFXes.

A friend of mine uses Reaper for live playing all available SWAM instruments with a real Wind Controller ("EWI"). For him, I did a set of JSFXes that allow to control "LiveConfigs" (and other Midi Instruments' sound switching) via keyboard shortcuts in a very versatile way (including setting up set lists for a gig; see -> ).

Another friend of mine is about to start to sell a Midi to DMX (and other interfaces) hardware box ("ADMX2"), bundled with a lot of JSFXes that allow Reaper to be used for very sophisticated and easily synced to a music production stage lighting automation (and much more cool stuff).

Reaper decently rocks !


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