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Originally Posted by avocadomix View Post
This is your interpretation.
Knowing how these particular components work make it obvious that that statement must be there for those features to actually work. That alone makes it's inclusion required and your interpretation only an added assumption on top of that core need at this point. It should be completely obvious those features by their very nature require that data (as in files/settings etc.) to be stored on "a server". Sincere, question... Do you actually fully understand what that feature does?

I just can't see what you find in it that's even slightly ambiguous.
That's because you have to fill in blanks to make it so, but we don't have to fill in blanks to show that statement backs up how the feature actually works which is a subtle but critical distinction. If Cortana and it's sister components didn't require server use to function, you'd have my attention but that isn't the case.

I've debugged (debugged and debunked) quite a few of these in my spare time and got tired of being sent on wild goose chases. I won't be chasing these down anymore, do your own debugging.
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