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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
So, with Cortana now disabled, exactly how is some other person you know sharing those contacts? Albeit the statement doesn't say that without making assumptions, let's play along anyway.
Well, you undoubtedly understand that when you disable Cortana on your computer, this doesn't have a global effect, right? So other people who run Win10 and have you as their contact on their computer (outlook for example) will still share information about you with Microsoft... Unless they disabled Cortana, too.

What he is expressing is his fear that even without his owning Windows 10 he is at risk of his data being sent by his friends. Maybe I should set P9 up with a windows 10 VM and let him see for himself because it is obvious he's a little in the dark here.
How would he tell what's going on in Microsoft's data centers by looking at the OS?
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