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Originally Posted by paulheu View Post
So if you do not agree, you disable Cortana. Do you have a problem with a companies secretary having access to her bosses email, his contacts (private information) and calendar?

How does any of this lead to the conclusion Microsoft has access to any of this data outside Cortana? Exactly because of the fact some services (like Cortana) have access to personal information access to data centers and the systems in them are extremely tight and security is beyond crazy.

If you have a problem with your (personal) information (and no, your email is not one of those, it is a public address just like your house address). Please stay away from anything Google, Apple or even anything that goes on inside a browser. Never use credit cards online, never use any sort of form, never fill out any questionnaire to get that cool free VST or gadget.

Stop being paranoid..
Thanks for all the suggestions, but my personal attitude to privacy issues is not the topic in this discussion. The topic is a general question of whether Microsoft preserves the right to collect and use personal data for any purpose it sees fit or no. I've provided Microsoft's own words for that, clearly stating that they do in fact collect and use the data and *not* stating clearly what for. No restrictions. They explain why they collect the data, they don't say how it will be used. If you want to take part in this discussion then you should understand that we are discussing a legal document and it should be evaluated from the legal point of view.
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