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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
That is really funny - I had just copied the same link and was about to post it.
So it seems that this all boils down to the Nov 2015 update being flawed & the "removed" software was simply moved to the windows.old directory.

Doesnt sound quite so sinister now, does it?
MS are like anyone else - they make mistakes. Because they operate on a grand scale, the fallout from their mistakes can be pretty far-reaching.

But this particular little peccadillo isnt new to Win10, it has always been there.
I myself have had trouble back on win7 with MS deciding my Nvidia GFX card drivers needed updating with THEIR version, which predictably broke my machine.

People have short memories when it suits them.
As far as I could see from googling as instructed, Win10 is no better and no worse than any other Windows version in this respect.
But why let reality get in the way of a good conspiracy theory, eh?
No other Windows version has even had the ability to remove 3rd party apps without asking.

If, in 4 years, that's still the only time it ever did it then I'd take it as a mistake that isn't likely to happen often. Until then I'll let others be the guinea pigs.
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