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Default My first conversion

Great program!

Here are a few observations I had, when converting my first project. This was an all-MIDI project of about 12 tracks, from SONAR (Producer 8.5), to the latest Reaper (5.70):

1. The order of tracks was completely different. I had to move them all back to the original order. I used Reaper Track Manager.

2. My project played MUCH slower. The tempos (and their changes) were all correct, and I did not get any errors on the conversion.

I think the reason is that in SONAR my TPQN (Ticks Per Quarter Note, as specified in Project Options->Clock) is always set to 600 (not the more usual 960, due to personal preference). I also had this set to 600 in Reaper (Preferences->Media->MIDI->Ticks per quarter note), so it was 600 in both programs.

My work-around was to change the TPQN to 960 in SONAR, and then re-do the conversion. (I kept TPQN at 600 in Reaper). This fixed the problem.

3. My tracks were not routed to any MIDI devices. This is probably unavoidable, since the (friendly) device names may not be the same between SONAR and Reaper.

To change the routing for Devices, I used Reaper's Routing Matrix. And for Channels, I used the Routing icon in TCP, for each track.

4. My MIDI FX were not converted, but this is probably un-avoidable. I had SONAR FX Velocity, and Frank's MIDI Humanizer.

5. To adjust various MIDI settings, I had to install the FX ReaControlMIDI on every track, and adjust appropriately (most importantly, Bank/Program Select, and Volume).

6. SONAR Markers didn't come across.

Sorry, if these may have already been reported; or if they are just user error!

But we're off to a great start. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to upcoming improvements.

- Tom
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