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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
The project from Glennbo does not seems like different, except 2 questions I have mentions (and in respect to features I already convert... that is far from everything).

I do not mind to support whatever CWPs. But since I do not have older Sonars, users interested in "antic" compatibility will have to cooperate a bit (providing examples and making some specific projects). Everything is in your hands, dear users
1) does Sonar 5 support mono outputs from SoftSynth (for multi-outputs synth)?

Sonar 5 could do multi-output softsynths, but didn't handle mono correctly. Back then I had DFHS for drums, and it had both mono and stereo outs. Kick and Snare were mono, and everything else was stereo. Sonar 5 stoopidly put the kick and snare on a stereo out with kick on the left and snare on the right. I had to buy a third party VSTi adapter to make it work correctly.

That said, I'm not concerned at all with the conversion of any softsynths out of my old Sonar projects, because I don't even have most of them any longer, and any of the old softsynths I do have from back then have been replaced by newer versions, like in the case of DFHS which now I use Superior Drummer, even though I still have DFHS.

2) does Sonar 5 support audio stretching?

Seems like it might, but I never used any stretching of audio back then. All my recordings were straight midi drums, midi keyboards, guitars, basses, and vocals, just recorded as they were played.
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