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Originally Posted by dmorris View Post
Thanks for the pointer to Bandlab... it was able to open the .cwp file (though it did a worse job than Reaper finding plugins), but FWIW, when I save it again from Bandlab (presumably in the most up-to-date .cwp format), I get the same result on import to Reaper via reacwp. That is, everything works great except VSTi's, which are silently not imported.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help debug!
I have analyzed the file. And you really can help, but not at the place you may think (see later).

Please download the latest update (b53) of the plug-in. There will be less parsing bugs (I have really wrongly interpreted one structure), but there is no changes otherwise.
  • VSTi are really converted. But there is one general misleading feature in REAPER which let you (and even me at first look) think something was wrong: in the original project your synths was frozen. And they are converted as frozen. The problem is that REAPER does not indicate that visually. So, you can unfreeze corresponding tracks in REAPER (per synth 2 tracks: (1) the synth output audio track, currently with rendered audio AND (2) the synth track itself inside SynthRack folder). If you do so, you will see VSTi in the FX list of unfrozen SynthRack track (and rendered audio will be removed from audio output track).
    The reason why the structure is so complicated you can find in the documentation on my site (in short, I have not found better approach to cover all possible in Sonar cases)
  • 2 MIDI tracks are left not associated with corresponding Synth. You are using Drum Map. There is no such feature in REAPER, so it is not converted.
  • more "Parser Bugs" was coming from ClipFXes on some MIDI clips. For MIDI FX Sonar support MFX format only and it is not supported by REAPER. Note that I currently do not covert ClipFXes at all. For MFXes that make no big sense, while for Audio that can be done (if someone request that, is not the case so far).
  • there is still one Parser error (the warning is related) and here you can help. It is coming from "Waves C4 Mono" VST preset, which is saved in a format I have not observed before. Please:
    • make a one track REAPER project and add "Waves C4 Mono" FX into it. Select some preset, save the project and upload it somewhere I can get it.
    • If you can do the same in CbB, so give me CWP project with one track and "Waves C4 Mono" on it, better with the same preset selected, that will help even more.
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