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Originally Posted by J Riley Hill View Post
Here is a copy of a project which slows waaayyyyy down with the LBX SRD Script on my computer, to around 10 seconds every plugin change (I uploaded it to my site because it's pretty large from all the automation):

Anyone who has time could try this project file with all envelopes hidden, AND all envelopes visible using the SRD script. I'm really curious if this is the same issue others have reported.

For now I can resolve this issue by only viewing the envelopes I need to see... but It would be great if this could be fixed eventually. I wonder if it's something Justin could take a look at.
Ok - that's almost certainly because the track chunk size is so much bigger. SK needs to scan through the chunk to get each fx plugin's chunk. If a plugin has loads of automation - this will make the string search functions take much longer.

Unfortunately - without Reaper API to directly get just the specific fx chunk - there's no easy avoiding the need to scan the chunk.

EDIT: It's only reading the chunk so it can recognize the plugin in a certain way - I could probably change it to do it a different way - with only minor change in functionality (A plugin will be recognized which means it will treat a renamed plugin differently to the same plugin under a different name (a template would be required for each).

It would probably also mean you'd need to rename all your current templates to match the new plugins name as accessible from the API GetFXName.

I'd probably make it optional.
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