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Originally Posted by J Riley Hill View Post
haha yes, Waves, they are pretty annoying sometimes, but I do really like some of their plugins.

hmmm I'm not sure. I think it's just Hofa system that uses the shell. It's a modular fx environment, that also provides individual standalone versions of all it's plugs.

There is a free/demo version of System that offers some of the FX totally free and some with feature restrictions, so you should be able to test with that if you it works.
D'oh - I just looked at your video again - and from that I can actually see both plugins do have different names - so I should be able to fix this.


I do now remember why I used the chunk before. It's because if you took ReaEQ say - but renamed it to EQ or anything else - using the chunk - I could tell it was the same plugin - so could load the appropriate template. Now without using the chunk - the data isn't available for me to do this for things which are using a shell - as the two bits of info i have are module name (plugin filename essentially) - which will just see wavesshell, and the plugin name (having been renamed) - which provides no link between the two different names to indicate it's the same plugin.

To be honest - I'm not 100% sure how i managed it using the chunk - will have to examine my code again - it's been a while...
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