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Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
XFCE's tiling is great for basic needs - I've got all of my Win + Numpad keys mapped to throw windows around the various corners. Currently trying to write a Bash script that will let me tile in thirds though, and boy is it complicated. :/
Could you post an example of the code that can manipulate window positions? I miss the way Windows programs remember their positions, and had to use margins to achieve a similar desktop to what I used in Windows.

During the week I run a stock ticker that I wrote in Windows and a calc on the left edge of my screen, so I used the Window Manager Tweaks in xfce to set a margin on the left to accommodate the ticker and calc. Almost everything else opens maximized but walled off from the ticker and calc.

In Windows I was able to just size things, close them and next time I opened them, they filled the same space as when closed. Very few apps in Linux seem to have that capability so having some shortcuts to slam windows to different corners could help.
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