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Originally Posted by aledosim View Post
Hello all,
I'm wondering about Reaper and tile window manager. Is it behave well? Anyone have tried? I'm looking for less system resources as possible, good layout and some learning.
I run i3 (no gaps!) on my Thinkpad X220 because it uses the little available screen space as efficiently as possible. I used to have this line in my config:

#for_window [class="REAPER"] floating enable

I don't know anymore why I commented it out but it seems Reaper now runs well even when not floated.

There's a lot to learn when you start out with i3 but if you don't mind that I think it's worth a try.

Recently, I tried Plasma 5 on my desktop but I aborted this experiment quickly because I found too many inconsistencies and stuff that just did not work as advertised.

XFCE is ok but i3 has been much more fun and it forces you to learn about Linux which can be frustrating at times but also very rewarding once you understand something new.
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