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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
This is what I added to the bottom of my rtirq file. I had posted a thread here a week or so ago asking the Linux gurus if I did it correctly, but never really got a clear answer. It seems that EHCI is USB 2.0 and XHCI is 3.0 from what I read on several Linux audio forums.


An rtirq status comes back with this, which I think is my M-Audio card on IRQ #16 and the USB port the UMC1820 is plugged into on IRQ #23.

103 FF 95 - 135 0.0 S irq/16-ehci_hcd
104 FF 94 - 134 0.1 S irq/23-ehci_hcd

My motherboard has two USB controllers so I put the UMC1820 on the one that the motherboard manual said was the lesser shared IRQ along with my midi controllers, and used the second USB controller to plug keyboard, mouse, and other stuff that doesn't need higher priority.
Lovely I need to check this out. My ordinary DAW computer has a broken CPU so I use HP Elitebook 8GB Ram i7. But the fan runs at full speed all the time.
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