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Originally Posted by rst View Post
Great work, a lot of good ideas to take.
It would be good to have Lite version, without additional scripts. Based only on original Reaper or maximum on Reaper+SWS.

There seems to be not a lot of activity going on in SWS, so I scripted everything I could instead of relying on SWS. If one day something breaks, both myself and the users can fix stuff through scripts instead of going through hoops to fix SWS stuff. However, because SWS is such a huge and useful extension, a lot of things still depend on it.

Because I contributed to SWS for years, I kinda have a feel what works and what doesn't, so I tried to take that into account to make sure REAPER ReWorked ignores non-working SWS stuff. For example, a lot of SWS/BR envelope actions I wrote at some point break when using automation items - so I re-coded a lot of that stuff through scripts.

Originally Posted by rst View Post
In current version there is too much stuff, looks a bit overcrowded and feels that some stuff overlaps.
That's intentional. The rationale is that I take frequent breaks from music and I pretty much have to re-learn everything so I like to have everything available everywhere - from functions to shortcuts.

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