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Originally Posted by bFooz View Post
Maybe you would be interested in this - dropdown menus for toolbar buttons
This is brilliant.

Breeder, is there a way (easy) to implement bFooz's script for all your toolbar icons? I guess I will have to do it manually.
I know most GUI elemetns in Reaper have "right-mouse" click extended options, but making those customised or modifying them completely would be fantastic.

You guys should combine forces together in this.
(I read what reddiesel41264 says about his ReaScript and the GitHub repo he has shared, but I am not that skilful to work with developer tools.)

Request (off-topic):
I had a long time (years) request for an option when one chooses to 'Record: Disable (input monitoring only)' the Rec button icon to become a different icon (like restriction sign or X or even a greyed out icon would work just fine). Example:

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