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Originally Posted by adXok View Post
P.s. Regarding a Manual... I am sceptical about that. Truth is, none reads Manuals unless they hit a brick-wall. I know I rarely do. And I've got most of them even printed out on paper. I do not want to discourage you. You will do what you think it's best for the project.
Really? I always read manuals, maybe not as a book, but to get a general sense for more "hidden" features of the program. Well, I have no idea where this will lead - I'm just happy I finally published it and I will be really glad if this helps us create more music for this beautiful world. I would be as much hyped to see this useful to other people so thank you one more time for giving it a go.

For people buying premium content - I'm having problems with Weebly download service so I sorted it by sending you links to dropbox instead. Sorry about the trouble, I hope Weebly fixes it soon.
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