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Originally Posted by Frankie Carroll View Post
Thanks Jonas for such a great Plug In! We just spent all of last week recording drums and we were unhappy with the kick drum sound, we were contemplating going into a proffesional recording studio to re-record the drums to get the sound we wanted when I found out about REAplacer - withen a few minutes of installing it we had a fantastic sounding kick drum! We were so impressed we are currently doing the same for the snare and toms!

I think the drums are one of the most important things in a track and it is really important to get a good sound. REAplacer has saved us a lot of time and effort and put us back on schedule.

Thanks again Jonas - Keep up the good work
Thanks a lot, Frankie! Do let me know if there's anything that could be modified to make DrumReaplacer work even better.

I listened to a few songs on your myspace page and I liked it. Do post any of the new songs once they're done so I can hear DrumReaplacer in action! (You might wanna listen to a song called 'Banka vett i mig' by my band Inspektionen, the bridge and the chorus are a bit Thin Lizzyish:

- Jonas
who still has a few things to fix before releasing (unleashing?)DrumReaplacer 1.0
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