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Originally Posted by OrenS View Post
First of all, thank you Jonas for this wonderful plugin!

I'm trying to "rescue" a snare track. The thing is, rim shots sound perfectly fine, and so do the snare rolls (there are quite a few of them). It's the regular snares that sound like a tin can...
Is there a way to tell Reaplacer that when nothing is activated by the threshold to keep the original signal (the rimshots and rolls are significantly softer than other hits, so that should solve it).

Thanks for your kind words!

What you're looking for is not built into DrumReaplacer yet (although it's on the to do list), but thanks to Reaper's routing you still do it.

Check out this project:

How it's done:

Duplicate your snare track and insert DrumReaplacer on the newly created one, adjust it so it only replaces the regular snares and make sure original signal is set to zero percent.

Now send that replaced snare to channel 3/4 on your first (the original) snare track (set its number of track channels to four) and insert ReaComp on that track. Set ReaComp's Detector input to Auxilliary input L+R and adjust threshold, ratio (set it high!) and knee size so that it ducks the original "tin can"-snare every time a replaced snare is played. (To really duck it, use a ReaGate befor the ReaComp and set the ReaGate to send noise when it's open - see the project I posted.)

Sounds harder than it is, but give it a go, take a look at the project (above) and post again if you run in to trouble!

- Jonas

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