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Ok so it was a little longer than 7 hours, but at any rate i found a download link for the Remedy VSTi. Since I'm not hosting it, i have no problem with pasting this link:

Anyway, you don't need my project to recreate this issue. Simply do the following:

1. Open a blank project
2. Add Remedy on a track and hook your MIDI controller up to it
3. Click the "Arp" button and start playing chords.
4. Click the "Sync" button and play the same chords again. Yep.. no arp anymore. specifically, if you hold down a key, it doesn't play any subsequent keys at all while you're still holding down the first one.

Any ideas? this plugin used to work GREAT in reaper with Sync turned on...

I hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any further information i can provide.

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