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Default Envelope vertical scaling across DAWs

I've just used AATranslator to bring a project over from Studio One to Reaper, and I was comparing volume automation envelopes. It's not something you usually get a chance to do, to compare exact values from DAW to DAW. At least I've never thought about it before until now.

But checkout this hihat automation. It ranges from -38dB to around -20dB.

Here it is in Studio One:

Here is the same data in Reaper:

Now I'm much more able to see the relatively differences between levels and get a good idea of what is going on inside Studio One. Because the vertical scaling is more to my taste.

Reaper goes from -inf to +6dB, and there is a lot of range there that is difficult to access, even when the automation track is at full height.

Studio One goes from -inf to 0dB, and the scaling curve seems to be very different.

Is this something that is, or could ever be, customizable?

I'm sure all DAWs do this differently and everyone is gonna have their own preferences.
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