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Originally Posted by Youlean View Post
I am not sure about AAX, but VST2 will be fine, though I think VST3 needs c++11 so you will need to use at least 10.7 SDK with 10.7 minimum version.

To sum this up, use 10.7 SDK with minimum OS version set to 10.7 and enable c++11 (to save your life) by changing CLANG_CXX_LANGUAGE_STANDARD = c++0x to CLANG_CXX_LANGUAGE_STANDARD = c++11.

If you want to use 10.12 to target 10.7 (save yourself a pain and don't go below that) you will probably need to edit LICE project and VST3 project if you get warning that are telling you that you might have linker problems. Anyways look projects at my branch in VST3_SDK and WDL\lice

It solved my problem.Just used base sdk 10.5 and deployment target 10.5.Now my AUs working.

When i build AAX,i will follow your way.

Thank you so much!
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