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I meant in the TCP, yes. Wasn't clear about that, sorry for that.

Oh wait I see it now! Sorry, wasn't aware of this. The Spacer layout has a longer trackname.

However, and this is my only gripe; you have to expand the track to pretty large in order to see the FX and automation buttons.

This is doable but it is frustrating on orchestral projects with lots of tracks. It either means constantly scrolling or constantly resizing tracks.

If there would be a layout that has a meter at the bottom that can stretch to the right, showing more buttons along the way, that would be absolutely perfect. So instead of showing buttons by dragging downwards, showing buttons by stretching sideways.

Perhaps, as a suggestion, take the spacer layout, and make a strip the size of the name strip underneath with small versions of all the important buttons. That would mean minimal extra space usage and minimal dragging out the tracks to show the buttons. Perhaps then put the meter either underneath that or besides like the default Reaper layouts do.

Hope I've been a bit clearer. Still, thanks for all your hard work, it is truly appreciated!
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