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Originally Posted by Hooserdaddy View Post
Interesting to see you guys working on this. One thing that would help me dramatically is a MIDI sync message out of Ninjam so that I can sync up external DAWs.

I imagine it would take creating a MIDI port then send the timing out. The external DAW would open it and use. Would make a dramatic improvement for me and surely others (I like Ableton Live).
Thanks for the suggestion. There is an open Issue on the Wahjam GitHub page to add MIDI Sync support:

Originally Posted by Hooserdaddy View Post
I was wondering, could you baseline off the source code used in the ReaNINJAM version 0.13 that comes with Reaper? It seems to have many more features than the screenshots on your Wahjam website. Suppose they just won't release the source...
As far as I know ReaNINJAM is closed source. The open source NINJAM code does contain features you may be thinking of - like voice chat and session mode. These just haven't been exposed in the Wahjam user interface but the code is there waiting to be hooked up.

Which ReaNINJAM features are you particularly interested in?
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