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Originally Posted by pcartwright View Post
Conversely, we probably need an action to select all CCs in a lane not under a note. Users can then set these to a value of their choice or delete them altogether.
This is already possible, albeit with a stepwise combination of four actions:

1) Make sure "CC selection follows note selection" is on.

2) Run action "Select all notes"

2b) Sometimes 2 does not trigger the CC selection, so one has to do something like wiggling the notes left and right, move them up or down, or cntl-click (toggle selection) on one of the notes to remind REAPER to select all the CCs. I am not sure if there is a better way to do this.

3) Run action "Invert selection"

4) Run SWS action "Delete selected events in last clicked lane"

Unfortunately, because of 2b, these steps can probably not be combined in a custom action.

(The "Deselect all MIDI events outside time selection" script can be used to limit the deletion to the time selection.)
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