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Originally Posted by lowellben View Post
The mouse wheel doesn't work to curve the parabolic on my computer. It does the default "zoom" function when it's over the CC lane. I can do a linear with this "chasing" script, but mouse wheel does not curve it. Why not? How can I curve my CC like your video?
I am not sure what the problem is, but the first step would probably be to check that the script is linked to two shortcuts:
1) a keyboard shortcut (such as Alt+C)
2) a mousewheel shortcut (such as Alt+Mousewheel)

The mousewheel scripts can be started using either of these shortcuts, but can only be quit using the keyboard shortcut (or by moving the mouse out of the MIDI editor).

P.S. Some of my scripts can be customized: For example, you can choose whether or not this "Draw ramps in real-time" script should chase pre-existing values - the info is given in the Description and Instructions at the beginning of the scripts.

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