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Originally Posted by Igneous View Post
Hi ReaDave,

I'm afraid this is a totally newbie post (my first post here on the forum)
I'm very interested in working with ambisonics in Reaper, but I have very little experience of the program.

I downloaded your template for Valhalla Room and while it sounded very interesting, I'm not sure if I have configured things properly (I tried with a test file and the positioning wasn't right with the reverb).

I've been dragging an ambisonic file (AmbiX from a Zoom H2.n) into Reaper and in the Routing tab, sending it to 'VVV B format' Do I need to set up VVV B format to 'recieve' back to the ambisonic file too ? Also, do I need something like the ATK binaural decoder (I'm listening in stereo, for headphones playback) ?

Again, apologies if these are really simple things, any info would be appreciated
Apologies for the delay replying to you Igneous. I haven't had much time online here recently.

Interesting that the H2n records in Ambisonic format. I didn't know they were capable of that. I have a H4n but it doesn't have Ambisonic capability.

Regarding my Valhalla reverb setup, you will need to have an Ambisonic decoder of some description on your master for any monitoring via speakers or headphones. The ATK decoders should work fine as will the Blue Ripple Sound core decoders (which are free). Make sure whatever decoder you use matches the particular Ambisonic format you are working with (the two most common formats are FuMa which is older and SN3D which is compatible with YouTube and Facebook VR).

You only need to set up a send from your Ambisonic track to the reverb track. No need for a return the other way. Make sure your send sends four channels though and not just two.

Hopefully this helps get you up and running.

Again, apologies for my delayed response.
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