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Originally Posted by daxliniere View Post
As a new video user, I'm finding there's quite a steep barrier to getting new video filters. Currently, I've found I need to trawl through threads and even then I'm not sure if the one I've found is the most up-to-date.

Do you think these could be added to a ReaPack repo? Video subsection, perhaps?
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Yes, of course. But if you take a closer look you will see that 80% of the presets available were created in the last few weeks. Video in Reaper was kind of a shadow project and got now a little bit pushed since wwwmaze made his fantastic contributions and since we have a separate sub forum for this. And of course since Justin jumped on the wave and makes us happy with lots of new stuff and optimizations.

Those user presets don't follow any plans and sometimes evolve inside a thread, so its impossible to declare final versions. Even the preset codes you can find now are already replacements as bugfixes and little optimizations took place. There is no catalog or something like that. And its kind of typical for Reaper that you have to find the stuff for yourself. Only thing I could offer was to make a thread with all presets I could find.

But - to tell you something positive - a lot of new presets will find their way in one of the next official releases. (blur, histogram, white balance, spectrogram for example). This will make lots of fun.

So I absolutely understand your enthusiasm and that you want everything right now, but there is actually more action in the video section than ever before since implementing.

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