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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
I have tried to answer on question you have asked. Politely and with references. Sorry if something could be interpreted differently.

Please do not worry, I will never disturb you again. I have already understood that is useless and just wasting my time.
I apologize for being harsh. Your persistent pushing of the RME stuff was really starting to annoy me where it really seemed you were ignoring everything I stated.

All the things you mentioned I stated earlier in the discussion of knowing. I know RME makes great stuff. I know they support their drivers well and I also know about the downsides of Behringer. Here is my original pros and cons list I posted.
Originally Posted by Rednroll View Post

+ Has Win10 supported drivers (4.38 released 3/18)
+ Seems like Behringer is supporting the product, but not efficiently.
+ Has coax s/pdif I/O
+ Within my budget (good value for what you get)
- Troubles getting drivers installed and setup
- It's a Behringer, can't trust the quality or functional reliability
- Sound quality reviews seem hit and miss.
- larger in size than I would prefer
- User complaints about ASIO Win 10 driver problems
Bonus item considerations
+ Has Midi connections
+ Additionally has optical Input and output for flexibility
+ Could rack mount it with DBX and TC devices

5. RME Babyface Pro
+ Has officially supported Win10 drivers (1.166 released 12/18)
+ RME driver support top notch
+ Sound quality reviews stellar.
+ Preferred size
- Doesn't have coax s/pdif I/O
- Has optical I/O requiring coax to optical converter
- Price double budget, not a good value hardware wise.
Bonus item considerations
- Single Midi connection?
At the end of the day it boiled down to price and how it would fit my specific needs. You seem to have been ignoring what I will be primarily using the device for and substituting them for your own personal preferences. I'm mainly looking for a S/PDIF interface and spending $600 while planning on recording a single non monitored voice over track seems WAY over priced for my needs. If it lasts from now until the end of time and even has 0mS latency was just not high on my priority list for what I needed. Pretty much everything you outlined about Behringer and RME was listed in my Pros and Cons above and I even mentioned prior that if the RME was even in the same ball park price wise, it would have been near the top of my list. I'm purchasing this device to do "volunteer" work and I also have a family to support. Purchasing a $600 sound interface device for the need of having a S/PDIF input just was not in the cards, my wife would have killed me. I'm envious you don't have those same kind of responsibilities and can afford to be more frugal and shell out $600 to do volunteer work. I've had that luxury in the past when I owned and ran my own recording studio, so I understand your viewpoint. Those are just not the shoes I'm wearing today. The Behringer was rack mountable, which I decided would fit my setup better, it has a COAX S/PDIF input, and it has a driver which seems to be working on Windows10 setups for others and I found one at a great price of $224 brand new. That entire stack of equipment I posted cost me less than the cost of a Babyface Pro. For "me" and my intended uses, I could have gotten the same benefits for my needs by using the Sound Devices USBPre I already own and installing the available 3rd party drivers as I would have from the Babyface Pro. Actually, I would have gotten more benefits from the USBPre, since it has an actual Coax s/pdif input and wouldn't require a separate coax to optical adapter. It was the rack mount feature of the Behringer which convinced me to spend the additional $224 and knowing it had more capabilities "if" I ever needed them, although I may not ever even need to use them.

I understand you were just trying to be helpful, but if you don't seem to be listening to someone and their specific needs the assistance tends to get lost and becomes annoying noise.

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