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Originally Posted by Rednroll View Post
Some people tend to act like they're smarter than others when hindsight is 20/20 and luck has seemed to fallen their way.
Well, I sure picked well with MOTU on that one!
That was good luck. Always good luck to find a reliable company!

Protools seemed like pretty good luck to have bought into back in the day too! Until 2009 when they fell apart at the seams anyway. Hindsight on that one isn't looking so great today!

Reaper? Yep. Feeling pretty smart again!

Apologies if I read too much into your statement! To justify a grifter-like SOP around planned obsolescence is what I wanted to quip about. This doesn't require hindsight. I'll drop my favorite company in an instant when I see this behavior take over. Like Apple for example. I may not be the smartest one in class but I know that planned obsolescence is intentionally dishonest and I know not to believe a single word from any company peddling such bs.
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