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Originally Posted by olilarkin View Post
Steinberg no longer provide the VST2 SDK inside the VST3 SDK and if you don't have a signed license you can no longer make VST2 plugins. Those files are not the same.
So even though the SDK I got from Steinberg contains a folder called "VST2_SDK", and an older setup video directed me to copy the two, in my first post, files from here "C:\Users\NewUser\Documents\Music Production\Development\VST_SDK\VST2_SDK\public.sdk \source\vst2.x", it will not work?

Will you please direct me to most up to date document or video for setting up IPlug2?

For example the setup video I found,, for the VST3 part it mentions a "VST3_SDK\base\win\base_vc10.vcproj" file, but the file nor folder is not included in the "IPlug2" zipfile from Github.
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