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hi Heda,
after the recent update

and in the setting menu,
I have set the "fader limit up" to 12
and the "fader Max DB" is 12 also.

but my fader still can go up over 12 , this morning it scrolls by accident went to almost 500.

how to make the UL & DL setting as a global setting, so I don't have to set every track's UL ?

and how to make it remember last time's setting so I won't have to set that again everytime I open Reaper?

this is "Fader repot video"

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Track marker
after adding markers, click "all", drag marker can make Reaper crash.
Reaper report will shows in a few sec, just wait and watch.

this is "track marker report's video"

MAC OSX High Sierra 10.13.3
Reaper 5.981

thank u !

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