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Originally Posted by xlliilliillx View Post
I have a folder track that is titled as my Guitar Bus, with three guitar subfolders underneath it. One is panned hard right and hard left, with the third being panned near the center. The two guitars on the outsides have a couple of resonant frequencies both in the upper mids as well as the upper bass range which I would like to treat both with surgical eq and Multiband. Is there a way for me to process these with a plugin on the Guitar Bus Folder without affecting the center guitar? I know I could make another track and make a send, but this would cause them to process in parallel rather than negating the original track, correct? I'd assume I could use a combination of channels and routing to keep them specially processed on the Bus track, but I also feel like there is a way for me to send them to a separate track and then mute the output of the originals so that they aren't processed together. How can I get around this? Thanks!
I'm not sure why you don't just put an EQ or compressor or dynamic EQ on each gtr track and fix the resonant frequencies that way? Can explain why you are avoiding that?

I don't understand the other things you wrote.

Regarding the gtr folder you describe, if you use mid side processing and EQ only the sides, you could affect mostly only the panned gtrs without affecting the center panned one, but both Left and right sides would get the same EQ.
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