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Originally Posted by xlliilliillx View Post
Yeah I can, I have a "Guitar Bus" Folder Track Containing Three Sub-folders, "Guitar Bus Left", "Guitar Bus Right", and "Guitar Bus Center". Each of these sub-folders contains two tracks each, a "guitar high" and "guitar low". I didn't produce it, but that's how I have it organized so I can top down mix on it. Rather than putting multiple plugins on 4 tracks to tackle the resonances I'd just like to put a plugin on the guitar master and only treat certain tracks. Could I not set a certain plugin on the guitar bus to only affect certain channels, say if the guitar left and right tracks are sent to those channels or something? I know I could use ms processing or something like that, or do each one separately, I'd just like to see if there is a way to do it all on the bus. Hope this clarifies, thanks.
I guess you could do that but I don't think you're saving much time or anything. Seems easier just to slap a plug on each guitar and treat the individual resonances. Unless its the same guitar on each part (same guitar, amp, mic, signal chain, what have you) those resonances will be at different frequencies anyhow, so the same EQ for all would start to affect all the guitars if the frequencies overlap at all, wouldn't it? Now if it was the same guitar signal chain on all 3 then I think it would work.
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