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but I wish I could import directly the original WAV files for better sound quality
This won't help solve your problem but FYI- Regular audio CDs don't contain WAV files or any normal "computer files". That's why you need a special ripping application and you can't simply copy the files to your hard drive.*

But the audio data is PCM which is the same as the data in a WAV file (at 16-bits, 44.1kHz, 2-channels).

So, you can losslessly rip to WAV (or FLAC).

Audio CDs are less immune to errors than WAV (or other computer files) burned onto a disc and if you're paranoid you might want to use a ripper that supports AccurateRip.

* DVDs & Blu-Rays do contain regular computer files, but commercial DVDs are copy protected so again, you can't simply copy the files to your hard drive.
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