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Originally Posted by hharless7862 View Post
Hi All,

I started losing my Melodyne edits a couple of months ago. Melodyne with ARA worked fine for quite a while, then all of a sudden I started losing edits every time I close and reopen a project. I also started getting the "corrupt document" message. I spoke with Melodyne tech support. They mentioned the SWS scripts, which I believe has been talked about here. They also sent this - "Please check in the Reaper preferences under the Project tab that íSave project file references with relative pathnamesí is deactivated." I just got this and haven't had time to test it. The only workaround I've found to this point is to turn off the ARA function and go back to the old file transfer method with Melodyne. It still works perfectly.
Sounds like they need to fix their code. Turn off relative path names it's just going to make it so you can't move a project anywhere else. I would not turn that off in my world anyways.
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