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Originally Posted by Dannii View Post
Oooh! Does that mean the other AIR plugins will work too?! *hoping* (I really like the AIR Talkbox and Reverb plugs)
Putting some thought to this, we definitely could, but would it really be worth it going that extra mile? There always seems to be better plug-ins out there that exist in all formats(VST/AU/RTAS), and even by some very talented independent developers who can deliver better plug-ins in my opinion. The AIR VI's seem to be the small handful that a few cant live without, though there are better ones out there.

It can be done though:


The concept of ReWire is being used here by making PT a "poor man's ReWire slave", even though it cant act as a slave through it's current ReWire implementation. PT is will still be needed to "host" these, but it will be idle in the back ground.

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