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Originally Posted by Solar View Post
... and also there are some typical Technical words/Terms that I find need to stay in english even though we are translating it in french etc.. etc.. because we ALL know these TERMS and are worldwide used & applied in English.
Yes ! Of course, "OK" buttons don't need to be translated !
But, even if most of the people know that "Copy" is "Copier", "Cut" is "Couper" and the meaning of "save", "download", "open", "close", "cancel", and so on... it doesn't mean we should only do a "frenglish" translation because we know those basic terms from other non-translated softwares.

Originally Posted by Solar View Post
In french we need to really be careful. Sometimes I find (although I speak french, write etc.. fluently) that sometimes DAW translation are a bit messier and when two people get together and you 1 was working in english DAW or the other on a french (same DAW of course), they can get consuded because there are Main Terms that gets translated and loose all their value or meaning.
I agree with you. Some terms like "scrub" are very difficult to translate in french and don't really need it. These are concepts, like "scratch" and we just need to add them to our technical vocabulary.
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